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As the COVID-19 virus evolves, Smash RX continues to remain committed to providing update information and procedures that will keep our Destruction Care Coordinators and our patrons safe.


1. You can not combine Appointments, Groupons, Gift certificates, or Vouchers.

2. ONLY PARTICIPANTS in the Smash appointment will be allowed in the office.

3. Masks are MANDATORY at all times while in the building.

4. Absolutely no shorts, open-toed shoes, or UGG boots. Please dress appropriately.

5. Please DO NOT enter the SUITE/OFFICE until instructed to do so by Team member.

6. All patrons MUST be AT LEAST 12 YEARS OF AGE and MUST fit securely in safety equipment. This age limit will NOT be breached.

Less Talk, More Smash

Small and Large Group Bookings

“Fresh Off Quarantine”

3-Person 30-min Session Includes:
2 large wooden items
1 medium item (wooden, electronic or metal cabinet)
30 Glass Breakables
*If you have 4th or 5th person the is fee is $45 each and this can be added on from the “Add-On” selection.

Max participants in our Small Group “Fresh Off of Quarantine is FIVE”

Smash Price $135

“COVID Crew”

6-Person 30-min Session Includes:

2 Large Wooden Items
1 Medium Item (Wooden, electronic or metal Cabinet)
1 Small Metal Cabinet
30 Glass Breakables

*If you have 7th, 8th or 9th person the fee is $45 each and this can be added from the Add-on Selection.

Max participants in this Large Group “COVID Crew is NINE”

Large Group Price $250

Solo / 1-Person Packages
15-Min (Solo/1-person)

Solo So’Chal Distance”

1 Person / Solo 15-minute Smash Session Includes:
1 Medium wooden item
1 Small Electronic item
25 glass breakables

Smash Price             $50

20-min (Solo/Individual)

“Quarantine 20”

1 Person / Solo 20-minute Smash Session Includes:
2 Medium wooden item
1 Small Electronic item
25 glass breakables

Price $55

Solo/Individual 30-min Session

“Circuit Breaker” 

Solo/1-Person 30-minute Smash Session
1 Large Wooden item
1 Medium Wooden item
1 Electronic item
30 Glass breakables

Regular Price             $65

2-Person Packages
2-person 15-min Session

“Pandemic Destruction”

2-person 15-min Smash Session Includes:
1 Medium wooden item
1 Small wooden item
1 Small Electronic item
25 glass breakables

Price $85

20-min 2-person Smash Session

“We’ve Got Masks”

2-Person 20-min Session Includes:
2 Medium wooden items
1 medium size electronic item
30 glass breakables

Price $95

30-min 2-person Smash Session

“The Breakdown”

2-Person 30-Minute Smash Smash Includes:
2 Large wooden items
1 Medium Electronic
30 Glass Breakables

Price $110


20% discount to all currently serving military members with proper military ID, retired military members with ID, and veterans with a service-connected disability rating and VA health care ID card with a service-connected designation.

Use the Code: MILITARY20

Smash RX was born out of the revolutionary idea to create a healthy outlet where people could go to express themselves with no judgement and very few regulations.

SMASH Rx is the first “Rage Room” in Southern California to incorporate a therapeutic aspect.

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