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Enter the world of Destruction Therapy – an innovative alternative that lies outside the realm of conventional clinical approaches. This unique and expressive therapy has been designed to not only amplify well-being but also induce relaxation, fostering robust mental health.


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Smash RX’s First Feel Friday

Founded by the skilled and caring Yashica Budde, LMFT, Smash RX is not just your typical rage room. It’s the pioneer of therapeutic inspired rage rooms in Southern California. Established in 2019, Smash RX has been helping people transform their stress and frustration into positive energy.

Our Mission
At Smash RX, we are on a mission to establish a secure and healthful outlet for everyday stresses. Simultaneously, we’re committed to dismantling the stigmas surrounding mental health on a global scale.

Our Goal
Our ultimate ambition is to gain clinical approval for Destruction Therapy as a groundbreaking alternative to conventional talk therapy. Through rigorous research and expert oversight, we’re shaping the future of mental health interventions.


Enough with the chatter, it’s time to shatter! Destruction Therapy offers the ultimate outlet for channeling your energy and venting your frustrations, all without the weight of repercussions. Our personalized packages are designed to help you purge your system and revel in a joyous and secure environment. Don’t miss out on our exhilarating Mad Max and Plate Therapy specials.

Corporate Wellness Services:

Introducing Smash RX’s Corporate Wellness Services – your antidote to workplace stress. Our mission is to combat burnout, foster conflict resolution skills, and ignite problem-solving techniques, all in pursuit of harmonizing individuals and systems. By minimizing friction and supercharging productivity, we’re here to redefine work well-being.

Outpatient Mental Health Services:

Welcome to a realm of healing and hope at Smash RX’s Outpatient Mental Health Services. Our focus is on nurturing positivity and crafting a brighter outlook. We’re dedicated to equipping you with symptom management, effective coping strategies, and the art of resolving conflicts. These skills are your tools for thriving in everyday life. Discover the profound connection we nurture between mental health, emotional well-being, body, and mind.

At Smash RX, we’re not just breaking things – we’re breaking barriers to wellness. Join us in a journey towards rejuvenation, resilience, and rediscovery.

All it takes is one session and you will see why people are saying:

I never knew therapy could be this exciting!

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