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The return of all services at Smash RX.

With some restrictions….

As the COVID-19 virus evolves, Smash RX continues to remain committed to providing update information and procedures that will keep our Destruction Care Coordinators and our patrons safe.  Smash RX, LLC will continue to require everyone to wear a mask when in our building. This decision was made because wearing a mask greatly reduces the spread of aerosolized droplets. Destruction therapy is an in an indoor, high intensity exercise/activity that involves the expulsion aerosolize droplets.

Waivers, safety gears, and lockers will be located directly outside of Smash RX/Suite #115. Everyone MUST complete and sign our waivers. Once all the necessary waivers have been completed and signed then all members will be provided their protective coveralls, gloves, hardhats and goggles then you and your party will be directed into the office to select your “Destruction Devises” and directed to your Destruction room.


Ongoing Preventative Measures:
* Masks continue to be mandatory while indoors at Smash RX.
* NO WALK-ins.
* Please DO NOT arrive more than 5-mins before you scheduled appointment. This will prevent the likelihood of overlapping appointments.

  1. All patrons must wear a N95, KN95 or surgical mask while in the building.
  2. We have moved our check-in and cool down services outside the suite, this allows for the proper ventilation to clear out any virus particles that may be in the air.
  3. We will continue the following safety and disinfect practices:
    a. All surfaces will be properly cleaned with 70% alcohol-based disinfectants after each therapeutic and/or smash session.
    b. All safety gear (ie., disposable coveralls, gloves, safety shields, and masks) will be either disposed or cleaned after each use with 70% alcohol-based wipes. Gloves will be washed after every use and safety shields and hard hats will be disinfected immediately following every use with 70% alcohol-based disinfectants wipes.
    c. All Destruction Devices will be cleaned with 70% alcohol-based disinfectants wipes after every use.

Welcome to Smash RX, Westlake Village– Southern California’s first and only Smash Room to incorporate a therapeutic aspect. Smash RX is organized as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) formed and authorized under the laws of the State of California, and is founded and managed by Yashica Budde, LMFT. This unique rage room was established in 2019 as the first and only rage room to incorporate a therapeutic aspect. Now, along with being able to destroy things, clients have the option to sign up for certified Anger Management as well as Stress and Anxiety Management workshops in order to bring a fun, proven method of coping and healing.


Less talk, more smash! Destruction Therapy is the perfect intervention for people t channel their energy and take out their frustrations without the worry of consequences. We offer various personal packages designed to help our patron clear their system and have fun in a safe environment. Ask about our Mad Max and Plate Therapy promotions.

Corporate Wellness Services:

Smash RX offers corporate wellness services with the goal of reducing workplace stress, reducing burnout, introducing conflict and problem-solving techniques with the central goal of aligning people and system, thereby, reducing friction and accelerating productivity.

Outpatient Mental Health Services:

Focuses on building hope in a positive and nourishing manner to assist clients in the areas of symptom management, coping strategies, problem and conflict resolution skills, that can be transferred to everyday life. The mental health services at Smash RX emphasizes a holistic connection between the mental health, emotional well-being of the body and mind.

It’s the perfect activity for families, date night, a day with the friends, team bonding, corporate outings, or simply taking a moment to yourself to relieve stress and break things!  

All it takes is one session and you will see why people are saying:

I never knew therapy could be this exciting!

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