Effective April 18, 2023 Smash RX will be placing a pause on ALL donations.

  • All Glassware: Plates, dishes, empty beer bottles, mason jars, vases, empty wine and liquor bottles.​
  • Wooden chairs, night stands, end tables, coffee tables, small bookcases, small to medium size TV stands (must be wood).​
  • Misc. donations: Metal file cabinets, pianos, guitars, toilets (must be clean) and musical keyboards.​

Under NO circumstance can you simply walk-in to drop off donations. Smash RX serves as both a private therapeutic practice and a recreational hub. For this reason an appointment is necessary to ensure the safety, quality of care and integrity of our business.

2380 Shasta Way Suite C
Simi Valley Ca 93065
(717) 527-6274

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