About Smash RX

Our Mission: Create a safe and healthy outlet to release every day normal stresses while breaking down the stigmas surround mental health.

My goal is to make Smash Rx one of the seven clinically approved alternative interventions to talk therapy. We have yoga, sun therapy, and even nature therapy. It is time for the clinical community to embrace the holistic benefits of Destruction Therapy.

Yashica Budde, a Southern California licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT), that was inspired when she found the emerging arena of “Rage Rooms”. She has a revolutionary idea to create a healthy outlet where people could go to express themselves with no judgment and very few regulations. Smash Rx was built as the perfect environment for people to channel their energy and take out their frustration- without the worry of consequences. We are literally breaking down barriers and misconceptions surrounding mental health. 

Welcome to Smash Rx, Westlake Village– Southern California’s first and only Smash Room to incorporate a therapeutic aspect. Now, along with being able to destroy things, clients can sign up for Anger Management and Stress and Anxiety Management classes to break free from these things for good.

It’s the perfect activity for families, date night, a day with the friends, team bonding, corporate outings, or simply taking a moment to yourself to have some fun. 

All it takes it one session and you’ll see why we say:

You never knew therapy could be this much fun.

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