Special Offers

Not your average visit to the shrink, so ditch the couch, grab a sledgehammer and smash your way into healing.

Quarter Pounder”
1 Person / Individual 15-minute Smash Session
1 Medium wooden item
1 Small Electronic item
25 glass breakables

Regular Price             $50
Sale Price

“We Need 15” 
2 Person (Couples) 15-minute Smash Session
1 Medium Wooden item
1 Small Wooden item
1 Small Electronic item

Regular Price             $85
Sale Price

Release and Recharge

Release and Recharge:
Let this spring break be the starting point — a new beginning, nice weather, a chance to engage in some destruction therapy and smash your cares away.

“Release and Recharge”

4 Person 30-min Session Includes:
2 large wooden items
1 medium size electronic item
30 glass breakables

High School, College and University Students on Spring Break for the month of March

Regular Price $180
Sale Price $135

20% discount to all Teacher’s, School Official and Administrators. Teachers are modern day heroes, who deserve a break. Smash Rx would like to prescribe a very special “break.”

Use the discount code: TEACHER20

*Make sure to have your school ID ready upon booking. 


20% discount to all currently serving military members with proper military ID, retired military members with ID, and veterans with a service-connected disability rating and VA health care ID card with a service-connected designation.

Use the Code: MILITARY20

SMASH Rx is changing the Mental Health Landscape as Southern California’s first and only Smash Room to incorporate a therapeutic aspect.  It will only take one session at SMASH Rx to find out how and why destruction therapy is so much fun.

SMASH Rx is the first “Rage Room” in Southern California to incorporate a therapeutic aspect.

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